GoogleAdMobCustomEvent.framework Bitcode Support


I noticed during compiling GoogleAdMobCustomEvent doesn’t support Bitcode yet and assume the rest of the adaptors don’t as well. I did try to grab the full MoPub SDK to see if I can grab the custom adaptor files that I need to compile my own framework but for some reason couldn’t find all files.


Hi @AceGreen1989,

Thanks for reaching out! You are correct that our current AdMob adapters do not support Bitcode. We do plan to support Bitcode when we update our AdMob adapters in the future. We do not have a timeline available for when the adapters will be released, but they are currently being worked on.




I’m glad to see you guys on top of this. I would love to get at least an idea of when we should expect this? I’m sure you already know this, but technically this small part of the MoPub SDK disallows developers from being Bitcode compatible even though the rest of the SDK supports it. Thats an unfortunate shortcoming. I was hoping to see this addressed in time for iOS10.


Agreed. This is preventing the whole app from utilizing bitcode. The current version of the AdMob SDK supports it so hopefully this can be done soon. In the meantime, is there a workaround?


Hi @mmggames,

Apparently there is no workaround on this item. However we are certifying the adapters and the GA dates are yet to be finalized.

Appreciate your patience!