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How do I put a ‘Share a Link’ twitter button on my Google Site?
According to this Twitter page I should be able to simply include the code provided on the page, in the HTML section of the page. Unfortunately that doesn’t work, as Google Sites strips the javascript, leaving just a plain HTML text link for the reader to recommend on Twitter.
There are some discussions about using Google Gadgets, for Twitter and Facebook ‘share a link’ buttons (on Google Sites developer discussion pages). However, I don’t understand how that would work yet. Simply copying the code and pasting into a gadget code function doesn’t work. The API for gadgets is extensive and will take awhile to get through:
Is there some easy code I can use to insert the Twitter button?
Right now I’m using a button another user created, but it doesn’t have the look or content exactly like I’d like it. (The way the official Twitter code makes it look.) Definitely good to have a working button, for now though! Here’s the code I’m using:

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps with this!!!


I also have a google site. I can’t find the html to copy & paste the code. On twitter website code is correct when they say test the button it works but I can’t get button on my website. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Steegle pointed me to these helpful instructions, which enabled me to create my own buttons:


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I have new blog on Google, and I looking for a way to post blog and the posts transfer to my facebook and twitter page. Does anyone have inform on how to do this, no desire to post in 3 different places? Thanks


Post URL of blog in a tweet and link your Facebook page to your twitter account( in edit profile). Or do a Rss feed


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