Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK in podespec is 6 month old!




I just wonder why it takes so much time to use the latest SDK from google ?

Pod need Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK (7.1.0), it vould be nice to have => on podespec to be able to install a more recent version.

I know that when a new version comes out, it must be tested with Mopub but 7.1.0 is from 2015‑04‑01… 6 month old now, please update or don’t fix version in pod.



MoPub supports mediation with many networks and since each network updates their SDK almost monthly, it’s challenging to keep each network adapter and SDK as current as the network’s latest release. However, we update these adapters a few times a year through our network mediation process which can be seen here: It is our goal to

While the adapter might not be officially certified by MoPub, we recommend reviewing the changelogs of the network’s SDK to determine if any updates will affect the adapter. In most cases, the adapters will still be compatible. If the network releases an adapter-altering SDK update, we will be sure to re-certify the adapters as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

Solutions Engineer @ Twitter-MoPub


The current version crashes a lot (9.3% of all our crashes!) for us with this old version of IMAAdDisplayContainer. An updated Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK would be highly appreciated.