Gone (code: 410, call: http://api.twitter.com/1/account/verify_credentials.json)


Im getting this issue when i tried to call $twitter->account->verify_credentials() for signin with twitter.

Can any one please help about this error?


I tired to sing in woth twitter which already developed by sociengine using PHP.But im getting follwoing error.Can any one let me cauing this error?

I think its realated to API Issue is any one got this issue before?


You’re using a library that talks to an outdated version of the API that no longer exists. Try using a more recent version of the library you’re using.


Can you please let me files for twitter in socialengine.


Thanks @episod finally i replaced with new Servicwitter File and compare the changed the only change Verson on line 115

OLD: public static $uri = 'http://api.twitter.com/1;

New: public static $uri = ‘http://api.twitter.com/1.1’;

Now its working fine.I Struggled for longtime to solve this isssue.

Once Again Thanks to @episod . :slight_smile: