Going nuts with summary card


Hey Guys,

My twitter cards were working great for ages, have checked all the og: tag’s and twitter tags on the site and cant find the issue, going mad!

Example link:
or even https://www.ayanajewellery.com/shop/mini-triangle-studs/

Shows fine in twitter card validator, tested with large image and normal summary card and still not working, tweets show up in twitter with just the link! robots.txt is fine, tag’s seem fine and domain is whitelisted!

All help appreciated.

Vincent @ Ayana Jewellery


Can you show me some Tweets that are not displaying cards for those links. I just Tweeted both of them and a summary card shows up for me.

The only thing I’d point out is that your product page for the studs still has a bunch of tags from the older product card (data label etc) but that is very minor, it works fine as a summary card.


Hi @andypiper

Thanks for having a look, the issue is the lack of the image and/or summary in twitter feed directly without having to click through to the tweet, am i potentially using an older twitter card code format?

See screenshot of example of a retweet where their URL and card shows directly in-feed and ours is static.



As far as I know this is expected behavior.


The first Tweet in that screenshot is not using a card - they have directly attached an image to the Tweet, so it is shown.

Summary cards are shown in the timeline on iOS and Android and we have run a few experiments with having the same behaviour on the web, but at present you still need to follow the view summary link to expand the Tweet on the web, in order to see the card.


Thanks @andypiper

That explains everything! Have followed the documentation on Hootsuite to ensure images are directly upload to twitter using pic.twitter.com - Now ill schedule posts using image + link and should do the magic :slightly_smiling:


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