Gnip's geolocation



Approximately 1% to 2% of tweets have geolocation information in either the coordinates or place tags. And, I understand that Gnip uses algorithms to infer geolocation using other fields such as location, text and utc_offset, etc. I want to find out roughly what percentage of tweets returned by Gnip have geolocation information.


Actually, for geo metadata around where a Tweet was posted, Gnip products simply pass what was supplied by the user, either an exact location or a Twitter Place. Gnip does not further infer additional geo info, so the percentage remains approximately 1-2%.

However, we do offer a Profile Geo enrichment, which attempts to resolve a user’s Profile/Account ‘home’ to a real geographic location. So, these geo metadata are about Account ‘home’ locations, and not where Tweets are posted. There are three levels of resolution attempted: city/town, region (state, provinces), and country. At the country level, approximately 30% of Tweets receive a Profile Geo enrichment.

Help about the geographic location of tweets