Gnip Engagement API returns Bad client key




I am trying to call the Gnip Engagement APIs ( to retrieve the Insights of posts but I keep on getting the following response.

{“errors”=>[“Your account could not be authenticated. Reason: Bad client key”]}

I am using the code snippet given on Twitterdev Github page only (


This API is commercial, so you will need to have purchased access to it and have your application keys whitelisted for access.

(the key line in the README from the example code repo is “Obtain access to the Engagement API from Twitter via Gnip”)


Hi Andy,

I work for Adobe and we have got our app whitelisted for trial access. I am attaching the screenshot showing the permissions granted to our App.

Please let me know if any other info (Consumer Key etc.) is required from my end to help you investigate the issue?


Thanks, I believe you are talking with our support team directly so I’ll close out this thread.