GNIP activity stream Retweet Geo GPS location



Greeting All

I am wondering if GNIP activity stream will contain the Exact GPS Geo location of the actor who Retweeted the original tweet.

Absolutely, assuming that he has a GPS enabled device ?

I have tested 10M retweets and none of them has a Geo GPS coordinates at the actor level ??

any feed back is appreciated …


True Retweets will never have exact lat-long coordinates simply because there’s no functionality in the platform to allow users to include that information in a Retweet. Quoted Tweets do have that possibility though, so you should see it come through on those.

If you’re speaking of the account-level location the user can configure, you should be seeing that in Retweets. The actor.location would be the right place for that in activity streams format.


Hi Stephen

Thanks for the clarification, I totally agree with you that there’s no functionality in twitter platform to include the GPS location for the actor when Re-tweeting. However, the reason I’ve asked my question is the fact that I saw some activities with gnip.profilelocation.geo is specifying a GPS POINT not a polygon for the city ?, which is kind of weird !!!

I do not know why does GNIP associates a city to a single GPS coordinate if the re-tweet functionality does not exist in Re-Tweets ?


gnip": {
“matching_rules”: [
“id”: 818344217340612608,
“tag”: null
“profileLocations”: [
“address”: {
“country”: “Saudi Arabia”,
“countryCode”: “SA”,
“locality”: “Jeddah”,
“region”: “Makkah”
“displayName”: “Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia”,
"geo": {
** “coordinates”: [**
** 39.21917,**
** 21.51694**
“type”: “point”
“objectType”: “place”


Ah, yes. Sorry for the confusion. That coordinate is intended to represent the centroid of the location being referenced in the user’s profile location. For example, if the user here had “Jeddah, Saudi Arabia” in their profile, our system would recognize that as an actual location, and then add in all the information included in the profileLocations you referenced in your payload. The centroid geo coordinate refers to the lowest level of granularity that was determined for the profile location – if the location was only “Saudi Arabia”, the coordinate would be the centroid of the entire country, but if it were for a specific city as shown here, it would be the centroid of that city.

Last, keep in mind that this is just formal geography added based on the profile location users can optionally enter at the account level to represent their “home” location (i.e. what you see along with their bio, number of followers, etc. if you view their profile on It’s NOT Tweet-specific location, and wouldn’t generally change from Tweet to Tweet.


Absolutely CLEAR …

Thanks for the clarification …