Given a consumer key and secret, how do I find out about the App?


I work for a larger company and I’ve inherited ownership for a Twitter app. I know the consumer key and secret, since they’re stored in the configuration of the code I inherited. However, I don’t know the name of the app, who owns it, etc. I’ve been asked to change the icon of the app, so I’d like to get more information on the account that owns the app.

Is there a rest API endpoint, or similar, that would let me learn who owns an app based on the consumer key of the app?


App image can be changed from However only the owner of the app can login using his twitter credentials and change it.

I haven’t encountered any API that provides such functionality. I would recommend creating a new app with same configuration. Using key and secret from an inherited code is a security issue.


Thanks Gandhar! But how can I know what the configuration of the existing App is?


Hi @michaelsmedberg for this you’ll need to contact us via to request a change in ownership. Our platform team can help.


Thanks, will do!


Additional thing here, do make sure you use a company email address related to the app and make sure you share the consumer tokens in the ticket you open up.


Thanks Andy! I believe that I did that, and the incident number is 53013879.