GIF doesn't work internal server error



My GIF is under 5MB and doesn’t work. I have an internal server error.
Here is a link where you can find it :


@G_Bethsabee It fails because the total number of pixels in that gif file is too high. Total pixel is 794 (frames) * 720 (width) * 720 (height). GIF file with following properties should work in most cases.

  1. Size <= 5 MB
  2. Resolution <= 1280x1080
  3. Total pixels <= 300 Millions (widthheightframes)

We are working on a solution to support larger gifs (pixels and file size). Once this new feature is documented, users won’t have to worry about constraints # 2) and 3).


Well, my gif is now less thant 3Mo (in case) less than 500x500 and still doesn’t work…
Here is my gif . I am under that 300 Millions of pixels, why it doesn’t work ? What plugin or software you use to find the pixels size of frame+height+width ?


@G_Bethsabee Those heuristics are not 100% guaranteed to work for all GIFs. Your gif file has too many frames ( > 300). Would it be possible to lower the frame count? We use internal image processing libs to extract image properties (including frame count). You can get frame count on mac if you open GIF file with the Preview application.

We are going to refresh all media upload related api documentation very soon. It includes a solution to this problem.