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Hello everyone.

We have an interesting incident with our Twitter monitoring process. At 20/05/2015 we collect a retweet and save in our system. The id of the retweet is 601060748257812480, and retweet the id 595039199474089984. The username is jeysacrivera

The strange thing is if we go to the permalink ( twitter redirect to the original tweet… But not to the 595039199474089984, How it is possible?

It is also strange if we try to go to the original tweet, the page not exist.

Any help?

Thanks and regards


Tweet 595039199474089985 by @FullHoteles is the original and the permalink page appears to load fine.

Tweet 601060748257812480 by @jeysacrivera is a retweet of 595039199474089985. Retweets do not have permalink pages and will load the original Tweet’s permalink page.

Tweet 595039199474089984 does not exist. It was possibly deleted by the user.

You can determine this by looking at the Tweet objects returned from statuses/show.