Getting "User is over daily status update limit" but not eligible for elevated limits?


I’m getting a bunch of limit errors and customers are now complaining. I’ve contacted Twitter multiple times with either no response or finally telling me I’m not eligible yet for elevated limits and I’ll see it in the form when I am.

How do I find out why I’m not eligible? They just tell me it’ll show up in the form if I am… but if I’m getting a bunch of API limit errors shouldn’t I be able to apply for elevated limits?

Also, it seems that my new developer account is all messed up. I got approved and all that jazz, when I try to add one user I get a cryptic error error adding user message. When I test on another user, they get added and I get an invite. But after accepting the invite the app doesn’t even show up. It’s like the app doesn’t even exist as far as that account is concerned.

This is getting to be really frustrating so any help would be really appreciated. AppID [REMOVED]. Thanks


Hi @nikg - I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

With regards to being approved for elevated limits, could you please provide the following information for me to investigate what’s going on?

  • Case ID
  • The app ID that you would like to would like to elevate - is this #2950467 as per your previous message?
  • And finally, a minor note on your use case would help.

With regards to inviting users to your developer account not working, our team are currently investigating this irregularity. Please be patient and we will let you know when we have more information.

Finally, you may want to review our documentation on the subject of adding other team members to your account. In particular, note the following:

It is not possible to share app management across your team. Currently the ‘team setup’ only applies to the Premium API section; and not to the app management section.


Hi @Aurelia

We are in the same boat here with our software. We manage the NYRR (New York Road Runners ) Live Results app ID 6061682 and the app ID 1537718.

For RTRT: I had the option to request increased post limits. I submitted this application weeks ago and have heard nothing back, and did not receive any email from Twitter about it. I have no idea if my request was accepted or not, nor where to find out what my application limit is.

For NYRR: I tried increasing the Twitter post contacting you via the forms in the NYRR account on Oct 19th. However, in that account, there was not even an option to request Twitter Post increase in the list of choices. Therefore, I used another option to try contacting you for help. We received NOT REPLY FROM TWITTER. NY Marathon was last weekend. We were only able to post 1000 posts, while about 18,000 posts failed. This was failure by Twitter cascaded down to us and the thousands of users who signed up and expected posts on Sunday.

Can you please let us know what needs to happen here. We would like increased POST limits for both of these apps. If you cannot grant, you should at least tell us so we can stop offering that part of our service to our runners.

Sorry to hijack this post, but I was not sure how else to reach Twitter.

Thanks in advance,

-Jeremy @dilltree


Hey @dilltree

For RTRT, I’m seeing that we got back to you on October 19 letting you know that we granted you the elevation.

For NYRR, I’m sorry that the proper elevation pathway didn’t display via the form. I just made a quick adjustment to that account so that you can now apply for the elevation using the same pathway as you used with RTRT. Please apply for this elevation via

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know how this process goes.


Thanks for your help! Got it all solved!