Getting Twitter Replies from a Conversation



Hi There, I hope you are good with Health. I want to access the twitter replies from a conversation. I am taking help from
" " and looking at this parameter, in_reply_to_status_id, considering a use-case like a user A tweets and a user B replies to that tweet. Can anyone of community member please tell me which ID I get in response? weather its user A ID or user B? If it’s giving user A ID, so how can I access replies?


There’s no API to get replies from Tweets at present. I don’t see it on the roadmap either (as it’s been requested numerous times, there used to be a totally unsupported, unofficial API back in the day)

These days the only way to effectively do it is to use search to find mentions and look for the in_reply_to parameter. It’s not accurate but it’s the best we have right now


Thanks Richard for your reply. I do not find any in_reply_to parameter in
the mentioned link. Can you please send me the link where this parameter


you can’t search for in_reply_to_status_id you have to search for tweets containing mentions to the user after the date of the original tweet (which you can do through the search api) and then process them yourself looking for the in_reply_to_status_id attribute on the Tweet objects themselves.

Bear in mind if you’re not using the new premium search APIs you’ll only be able to get the last 7 days of search results and even then search isn’t 100% complete


hi, there is no such API from which you can search any conversation. i also needed that but because of the privacy iissues twitter are not allowing that.


It is nothing to do with privacy issues. It has simply never been built out for the standard API.


Andy, if we buy premium or enterprise version, can we access the


You can use premium 30-day Search to perform the same kind of search that @richardhyland has described above. There’s no separate method for accessing conversations in either premium or enterprise.