Getting twitter button inline with other buttons


I’m building a widget to enable users to share content from my website, here’s the code:

<ul id = 'share'>
<li class='share'><div id="tweetBtn"></li>
<li class='share'><button id = 'fbookButton' onclick="facebookShare()">facebook</button></li>

<li class='share'><input type="submit" name="shareType" id="emailShare" value="Email"></li>

Here’s my styles

	display: inline;
	padding-right: 2%;
	padding-right: 0;

I’m creating the widget with the twitter script.

In my widget, the tweet button isn’t aligned with the two other buttons, it’s slightly higher. I’ve tried changing the padding and margins in the css file but nothing works.


We just released new styling for the Tweet button. You may want to adjust custom style rules on your pages.