Getting Tweets Between Two Dates



I’ve done a Twitter Search and managed to get old tweets between specific dates. Looks like this:

When I try to copy this to the Twitter API Explorer I don’t get anything. Why does it only work with the regular search but not the API?
I’m trying with:

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Correct. As the Search API docs state, the API only delivers Tweets from around a week ago.


Hi, i have the same problem, i’m trying to download with R-language tweets from 2013, but the API returns nothing… Is it posible can access them for research purpose?


I’m afraid that the only way to do that would be to use a service like Gnip, which is commercial. Sorry to disappoint, but the Search API has only ever offered a limited historical window of a week or so.


thank you andy, apart of Gnip, there is another way or software?


I’m not aware of anything, but others may be able to suggest an alternative.


Do you know where can i to found a reference of these rule? or tell me since what date was changed the limits of search API?


The limits of the search API have been the same all along. We haven’t changed anything.