Getting "This application cannot authenticate more users at this time." error



We’ve requested and been granted access to the ads API, but what we did not know is that during development, our app will be limited in the amount of authenticated users.

Our problem is that we’ve used our main production app, so now we can’t authenticate new users (our app currently doesn’t need the ads API access)… How can we remove the ads API from our app and restore access for our users?

our app id: 12743458

(Sorry for the confusion, we’ve had ads API access previously so we thought it continue working in the same way…)

Your help would be really appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi @ran5000,
I removed access and the restriction on 12743458. Please feel free to create a new app and apply again. Once you reach Standard access, I can transfer access back to 12743458.



Thank you for the prompt reply, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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