Getting the number of returned result from searchtimeline



I am new to twitter development, I have used searchtimeline.builder to search a query and putting results in a TweetTimelineListAdapter from Fabric for android. My problem is i would like to know the # of tweets about that query . i dont think timelineAdapter.getCount()); is the right solution. Help me out guys. Thanks.

            SearchTimeline searchTimeline = new SearchTimeline.Builder()
            final TweetTimelineListAdapter timelineAdapter = new TweetTimelineListAdapter(AnotherClass.this, searchTimeline);


One cannot determine the total number of tweets in a search query. TimelineListAdapter#getCount() will return the number of Tweets currently loaded.


Yeah. Reading all twitter docs relating to Timeline and SearchTimeline, I realized that it cannot be done from the Twitter API. Thanks for the reply guys!