Getting the most recent tweets in iOS/Swift isn't possible?



We are implementing a timeline feed on Android and iOS for the query:
#basketball filter:safe lang:en

This works great on Android with:

searchTimeline = new SearchTimeline.Builder()

But how can we do this on iOS? It seems result type is not implemented according to the comment in the header file?

Not implemented: result_type

Can you add result_type in the Kit? Should be a trivial task I hope? :slight_smile:


We will include this change in backlog for future development cycle.
Currently, as you pointed out, there is no way to add “result_type” to API calls on iOS.

You can set
dataSource.topTweetsOnly = false
So that your timeline will be default to “result_type=mixed”.

Or adding “since:~” with to the query could be an option too.
EX: * superhero since:2010-12-27 containing “superhero” and sent since date “2010-12-27” (year-month-day).