Getting the ID of a tweet scheduled via the Twitter Ads site



We’re using the Twitter Ads site to schedule tweets for posting later in the day. Once scheduled the site gives us a tweet_id on the URL. I thought this would be the tweet ID of the posted tweet. However, when the tweet posted later, it was under a different ID. Using the Twitter API statuses/show, there is no tweet with the ID the scheduler provided.

IMHO the tweet id should match, because that would allow us to schedule tweets and be able to predict the URL ahead of them being posted, thus meaning that code that relies on specific tweets can be done in advance, rather than every single day.

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Any update here? Being able to promote scheduled Tweets is a highly desirable feature for our clients :slight_smile:



Hi, @citizennet. Could you please provide more detail around what you’re trying to do so we might be better able to help? Thanks!


Hey Juan thank you for following up!

Here is an example of what we would like to do:

  1. Make a scheduled tweet starting some time in the future
  2. Add the scheduled tweet to a campaign
  3. Have ad spend start automatically once the scheduled tweet is published

step 2 & 3 are the priority - hope this helps.



Hi, @citizennet. Thanks for the additional information. It’s helpful.

If you’re interested in doing all of this within your product, you can certainly implement the scheduled tweet functionality. However, it’s not possible to fetch scheduled tweets created in the Twitter Ads UI via the API. See the API vs UI documentation.


Hey Juan,

Just to make sure I am understanding what you are saying clearly, when you say “implement the scheduled tweet functionality” that would be building something that either scheduled the promotion of tweets or the creation of tweets/adding those tweets to a campaign? This would use the existing post creation tools available through the API but would not use any specific tweet scheduling tools provided from Twitter?

So essentially we would be recreating the scheduled tweet functionality that exists in the UI?

We run into issues because we have clients that schedule tweets through the Twitter UI which means there is no way to add them to a campaign through the API until the scheduled tweet goes live.



Hi, @citizennet. That’s correct—it would entail you building something that added that functionality. Twitter does not provide “tweet scheduling tools” via the API or ways to fetch tweets that have been scheduled via the UI.


Ok great - thanks for the clarification.

Would still be very useful to be able to add UI scheduled tweets to API generated campaigns at some point in the future!