Getting the "Home" section in my embeded Twitter account instead of getting the "Me" section?


Good day

I wish to get the “Home” section of my embedded Twitter account, so the people that are visiting my web site can follow all the discussion that they wish to talk about together. Because actually I am guided only toward the “Me” section which doesn’t allow my clients to communicate properly. Indeed, by bringing me the “Me” of my Twitter account, my clients can only see the words that I am bringing them. The same way it is done in Facebook, their must be a good way by which my clients can communicate together through the account (EUCanweb) I have with you.

Thank you very much!

John-Robert Lord


Hello John-Robert,

Embedded timelines cannot display your Home timeline because the Home timeline is private to you as a logged-in user. It includes protected accounts that cannot be publicised, and is subject to the filter settings you apply to those accounts (such as hiding retweets from select people.) A user viewing an embedded timeline would not be guaranteed to see the same content as you see in your home timeline. For this reason, we don’t offer a ‘Home timeline’ embed; it would cause confusion at its inconsistent edges.

Instead, for this purpose, you can use a list widget. You can curate the public accounts you want to be visible on your site, and the timeline will display them.