Getting System.Net.WebException HTTP429 when making request to Twitter API?


Our app pulls twitter from our twitter account. Over the past 3 months, in our production log, we are seeing a lot of HTTP status 429 error as shown below.

Unhandled Exception: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an erro
r: (429) Client Error (429).
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at oAuthConnection.OAuthToken.ExecuteQueryWithSpecificParameters(String url,
HttpMethod httpMethod, WebExceptionHandlingDelegate exceptionHandler, IEnumerabl
e`1 headers) in c:\Users\timart\Documents\My Box Files\Development\Tweetinvi\oAu
thConnection\OAuthToken.cs:line 157
   at oAuthConnection.OAuthToken.ExecuteQuery(String url, HttpMethod httpMethod,
 WebExceptionHandlingDelegate exceptionHandler) in c:\Users\timart\Documents\My
Box Files\Development\Tweetinvi\oAuthConnection\OAuthToken.cs:line 180

I have extracted the code and put it in a simple test app. What I noticed is kind of strange, if I keep on using the old Consume/Access keys, I always get the above exception, I couldn’t even pass the stage of creating a user token, however if I use a new set of Consume+Access keys, I would get a user token and pull some tweets.

If my old OAUTH keys have problems, i.e always throwing WebException with status429, that means even with the rate limite handling code in place, it wouldn’t do much, because it won’t even get passed authentication, am I correct?