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I’ve noticed that querying the ads-api stats endpoints (stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns) on campaigns in TPN accounts does not return the correct stats (all I get is zeroes) - are TPN campaigns supported via the ads-api?


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Hi everyone,

We’ve seeing an increasing number of Twitter Ad Accounts with TPN (Twitter Publisher Network) campaigns for which we are unable to pull their statistics.

I didn’t find any references to these campaign types in the documentation, but it looks like the API always returns empty statistics for them - can anyone comment on whether TPN stats are currently supported in the Advertiser API, or if I’m missing anything?

Would be happy to share more details and specific examples as needed!


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Hi @friedran, @dimapv,

TPN campaigns are currently in closed beta. We don’t currently provide support for stats on TPN line items via the Ads API. Please note that it is also not possible to target TPN via the Ads API at this time.

I’d encourage you to use If necessary the advertiser can use the CSV export functionality to provide you data on TPN conversions.

We will updating the API docs as we add explicit support for TPN in the API.


TPN / Twitter Audience Networks Campaigns

To close the loop on this feature, we announced on May 6th that TPN metrics are now generally available via the API. See our recent changes and metrics pages for more details.