Getting stats for each of my line items


From reading, I got the impression that I need to provide each line item id in order to get metrics for each line item id. Is there a way which will allow me to get metrics for each of the line_item under an account id without explicitly enumerate through individual line item id? Thanks!


Have you seen our GET stats/accounts/:account_id/line_items endpoint? You can specify a comma-separated list of up to 20 line items.

Do make sure you have a look at our Analytics Best Practices too to avoid getting rate limited and fetching stats in the most optimal way!

As a side-note, have a look at our FAQs - plenty of valuable information there!


Yes, I read that one. However, it seems that end point give a total summary number for all 20 line items submitted in the request, instead of individual numbers for EACH of the line items.


That’s true :slightly_smiling:

For individual stats you will have to make individual calls - as long as you follow our best practices, you should be okay fetching all the stats you may need.