Getting Started


Hi people

I just need a little help. I have been coding in for quite some time; but I am completely new to API’s and the methodology involved.

I want to build a twitter program/app that’s quite basic really (well, in principle) that just searches and archives twitter search results( I understand I am not allowed to keep some data,such as geolocation etc). But I have no idea where to start, I watched a few videos and downloaded a DLL to reference in the visual studio form I built; but kept getting errors the seem to be down to the library being out of date.

Could someone point me in the direction of some guides for beginners so I can get started; also one thing that I’m not sure about, can I make historical queries? As much as new queries are fine, I wouldn’t mind doing some data mining on historical data but am not sure which API I need or what requests I need to make.

Can someone point me to a book or blog or tutorial so I can get started please?




I would start with someone else’s library. A good selection is here. Most libraries have simple examples to get you started. You probably will be interested in the search/tweets endpoint, so look for that. But your first hurdle will be authentication with Twitter. For that you want to find an example that lets you embed your application keys in the code.