Getting 'Sorry! That page doesn't exist.' when trying to create sandbox account with twurl



I’m trying to create a sandbox account with twurl using this empty POST request as directed by the documentation.

twurl -X POST "/2/accounts/"

What am I doing wrong here?



A complete HTML page containing:

<h1>Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!</h1>


Hi @abhishekkalia! Have you tried with version 3 of the API?


Yes, the same html file is returned.


Can you make GET or other requests? How about ? Is this successful?


Yes GET works,

twurl -H "" "/3/accounts"

gives the output



I see… then I don’t know, let’s wait and see what someone from Twitter Staff says.

Thank you.


Why would Twitter staff ignore this thread?


Hi @abhishekkalia! Maybe they just didn’t get to it. I would also say that their priority is the live environment, and then the sandbox… I’m sorry for this! Hang in there!


Hey @abhishekkalia

Looks like you’re missing the -H option prior to specifying the host. As an example, the correct usage here should be:

twurl -X POST -H "/3/accounts/"



Thank you! This fixed my problem.