Getting security issue because of Advertising ID


Getting security issue because of Advertising ID

Sending Advertising ID Detected in APK
Your app is sending Advertising ID over an unencrypted connection.

This isn’t recommended because network intermediaries might be able to intercept it. You should use an encrypted connection when sending Advertising ID.

I think this issue because of Crashlytics. Please help.


Hey @Deepakg40320701,

Thanks for reaching out on this! All data sent by Crashlytics or Fabric is sent securely over SSL. I’d recommend checking other SDKs or code that may be sending this.



Hi Mike,
Thanks, for quick response,but when i removed Crashlytics than getting no security issue.


Hmm, I just did another glance through our SDK code and everything is definitely through SSL. Can you confirm the version of Fabric and Crashlytics you’re using?




Hi Mike,
Is mopub sent Advertising Id.


Yes, Mopub sends the Advertising ID if you’re using it. You can find more info on that here:


Yes Mike,i’m using this how can I solve this problem.Please help


Hey @Deepakg40320701,

I’m less familiar on the MoPub side of things, but I’ve tagged your question with the MoPub flag so that the team is aware.