Getting retweets full text (>140 chars)?



I have recently updated a Java application that uses Twitter4j 4.0.6 to add the extended_tweet parameter to my Twitter API calls (for

It works fine BUT retweets are truncated, see below (this I have extracted from the response I got directly with Postman, no middle-man software)

“created_at”: (…)
“id”: 006657135860822016,
“id_str”: “006657135860822016”,
“text”: “RT @Someone: blahblahblah this is 140 characters long AND is truncated despite what attribute below says \u2026”,
“truncated”: false,
“retweeted_status”: {
“text” :
“truncated” : true <why ?>

Am I missing something here ? I have checked again and again but it does not get into specifics regarding retweets.

Do I absolutely have to make another call to Twitter (specifically ask for the original Tweet’s status, or something alike) to get the non-truncated original Tweet full text ? (I’m 99% positive I will have to but confirmations/comments cannot hurt)

I have altered the IDs and content because it doesn’t matter, if you need an actual Tweet ID that gives me the same result, there is 986657135860822016, for instance.

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Thanks !