Getting results when someone likes authenticated user's tweet?



I can see that there is an even for when a user’s tweet is liked:

however, I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can get this kind of event? Any advice, even just at a super basic level?


Depends on what library / language you’re using - different libraries might have a separate listener for those events.

Also important to remember the userstream applies only to you (the authenticating user) so you can’t get those events for arbitrary users.


Thanks for the response @IgorBrigadir. So are you saying that It’s not possible for me, as a developer, to obtain the event information for a user of my application? Like if a user of my application authorizes twitter, then I still can’t be notified when one of their tweets is favorited?


Also, if anyone else knows whether or not I can access the events of multiple users within my application that would be great. So far, it seems like I can’t…


Oh - for that you need to make sure that you’re connecting with the right Access Token & Secret. ie: Consumer Key & secret are from your app, and the Access Token & Secret is specific to a user who authorized your application.

Unfortunately to do this for many users - you need Sitestreams which are closed at the moment. (userstreams are designed for 1 user only, so running multiple streams for multiple users won’t work)


Thanks @IgorBrigadir I appreciate it :slight_smile: sucks that userstreams isn’t very flexible but good to know!