Getting rate limited even cache my site is too big



I’m just using twitter for searches. How do I increase my rate limit?


Can you explain exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and what issue you are hitting? That would help us to understand the appropriate solution or options. Thanks.


Sure, so I built a website that as of right now is doing about 200,000 searches a day (video, web, social) or depending on the hour from 10k to 20k searches per hour. I’m using the search rest api in order to do a query for each search done that isn’t in cache for say the past 3600 seconds, although I would like to have smaller cache.


What’s the purpose of the searches?

If you want to display Tweets, have you considered using Twitter’s embedded timelines?


To display recent tweets with the search terms in them. There appears to be no programatic way to use twitter’s emebded timelines for many keywords that I am aware of since you have to pass the widget id for each one.


@andypiper any luck? Given I can’t affored gnip there is no alternative in embedding search terms, or using the api without the rate limit?


Nothing that I can suggest as an alternative.