Getting Older Campaign Details


I am trying to fetch records for my client Microsoft. But in campaign I am getting past records of 2012 and 2013 years. No campaign details of this year 2017 is being pulled.

I changed placement “Publisher_Network”. It didn’t work, still I am getting campaign of 2013-2013 year.

Client Details:

“client”: “Microsoft”,
“app_name”: “Microsoft_Twitter_ADs”,
“app_id”: “7234057”,
“account_id”: “8ut80”,
“owner_id”: “2848395784”

Parameters passed are:

	end_time	"2017-05-18T04:00:00Z"	String
	entity	"CAMPAIGN"	String
	entity_ids	"wwy,xol,xon,xoo,xvo,xvq,xvs,10w8,10wa,10wb,11ke,11kf,11kl,13tq,13tt,13tv,13tw
	granularity	"TOTAL"	String
  •   metric_groups	{Array}	Object
      [0]	"ENGAGEMENT"	String
      [1]	"MEDIA"	String
      [2]	"VIDEO"	String
      [3]	"WEB_CONVERSION"	String
      [4]	"BILLING"	String
  •   __proto__	{Array}	Object
      length	5	Number
      placement	"ALL_ON_TWITTER"	String
      start_time	"2017-05-17T04:00:00Z"	String


@dentsudev: Could you please help clarify what the issue is? For stats requests, the start and end times dictate the dates you’ll get data for. What do you mean by, “I am getting campaign of 2013-2013 year?”