Getting occasional access_denied when logging via twitter app on site


When trying to login via twitter app to my site, from time to time I get ‘code’ => ‘access_denied’ from the twitter API. I wasn’t able to find the pattern. Sometimes I login several times in a row, sometimes in 10 times I succeed just a few times.
I use

Anyone experienced something similar?


'code' => 'access_denied' should only happen when you choose “cancel” instead of “authorize app” on the authorization screen.


Yes, when a user tries to access the site via twitter app for the first time, he/she has that option. When a user “authorize app”, every time they try to login to the site, redirect from twitter happens automatically (you don’t have to ‘authorize’ every time) and from time to time they get ‘code’ => ‘access_denied’


There was a temporary change on our side that may have caused an issue here - hopefully things are back to normal now. I am not certain whether it might have been related to what you saw yesterday.


Unfortunately, it is still happening