Getting oauth again to tweet


Hey there,

I’m using twitter4j and I don’t know how I can get a new permission to send a tweet for a user on my webapp.
the callback and verifying works perfect:

@RequestMapping(value = “about/callback”, method = { RequestMethod.GET, RequestMethod.POST })
public ModelAndView getAboutTest(
ModelMap model,
Locale locale,
@ModelAttribute(AbstractNavigationController.NAVIGATION) Navigation navigation,
HttpServletRequest request) {

	TwitterUtils twitter = new TwitterUtils(myAccessToken);
	String verifier = request.getParameter("oauth_verifier");
	twitter4j.User user = twitter.verify(verifier);
	ModelAndView twitModel = new ModelAndView("twittertest");
	twitModel.addObject("verifier", verifier);
	return twitModel;

After verifying i’m on my twittertest.jsp:

Tweet here:
	<input type="submit" class="button" value="Tweet" />
            <input id="verifier" name="verifier" type="text" style="visibility:hidden" value="${verifier}"/>

now i send the msg and the verifier-string (is this still needed to get a new authentification again?? ) to …about/test after i click on the submit-button.

this starts the new controller for about/test, but when I use my consumer key/secret, accesstoken/secret from the callback and the verifier string, i get this error:

401:Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect…
…Invalid / expired Token…

So to my question:
How can i get a 2nd authentication to tweet?
Isn’t that possible with a new twitter instanz?
If not, does anyone have an idea how I can solve this issue?

Would be really nice if someone could help me out.

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