Getting "oauth_access_token" and "oauth_bridge_code" value with JS Api ("T")


How can I get values of returned “oauth_access_token” and “oauth_bridge_code” with JS Api (“T”)

For example :

if (T.isConnected()) {
T.getAuthToken() // <— Assumption! (I want to know if s there any function like that?!

Is there any method or variable to get this values?
And, is there any full reference for JS API?



Hi there,

There’s no exhaustive reference available for the underlying Javascript features in @Anywhere – only what’s explicitly documented is supported.

Using @Anywhere for any kind of long-term relationship with the user is not recommended. We recommending using server-to-server REST with OAuth 1.0A for more complex integrations. Direct usage of the oauth_bridge_code or @Anywhere oauth_access_token is not supported.