Getting oathtoken



Read what seems like 100’s of pages about the api, but it boggles my mind there just ins’t one single page in the documentation outlining the steps with an example for each step.

Example calls like,twitter are great however they are incomplete.

My goal is to retrieve basic profile info like followers for a user signed up in my application. I’ve registered my application with twitter and have my keys. However it appears i need to have the person on my app authorize my app to retrieve that information. Is there a page/post that describes the process of retrieving an oath token so my app can access their profile?

I’m using coldfusion

anyone please help


I’m not familiar with ColdFusion myself, but there is at least one Twitter API wrapper for it that might help you and simplify things. Trying to implement the OAuth flow may be a little complicated otherwise.


totally appreciate the reference. I did see that and was considering it as possibility, but i don’t understand why twitter can’t just lay out the steps. Facebook and Instagram have something at least close to a step by step.