Getting notifications through streaming api's - purpose to get user history



I am looking to create an app that will allow users to see their twitter history with a specific user. For example if i am user @1 I want to see my history with user @2

So I’d like to create a feature something like this:

14/4/15 User @2 followed you
10/4/15 User @2 Favorited your tweet
1/4/15 You followed user @2
20/3/15 You tweeted at user @2

I’m happy to not go back in time with this so once a user starts using my app then we’ll start collecting this data. Want to know if it is possible to log all interaction of my authenticated user @1 and another user they choose.

Realize this may not be in the streaming api but wasn’t sure where to put this.

Thanks alot.


The streaming API would be the way to go, you just have to look for the specific events and store them.