Getting new retweets on user timeline


Hi, I want to get all tweets and retweets for a given user.

Today I was calling user_timelmine and getting retweets and storing the since id. The next time I was calling, passing the since id… I think I found an issue today where older tweets that were retweeted are not coming back since they are on older tweets than the since id.

So, if this is true, what is the best (most efficient, least number of calls) way to get what I want, which is basically all tweets and retweets (I need to know when retweeted and who)…



@episod says they should come back here : but I dont see them.

I see retweets I did, but not retweets of my tweets.

I can call and get which of my tweets have been retweeted, or I can check the count in user_timeline, but it seems the only way to get “who” retweeted me is to make a call for each tweet and check the user? I can only do 15 per window of these?

Any suggestions?


anyone out there?


Your conclusions are correct, given the methods available to you today. There’s also an additional means you can use in real time, the User Stream, which would stream to you the retweets as they happened.


Coming back to this, I think I have worked around all the other 1.1 issues except this one, can you guys either:

a.) Return the retweeter id with the retweet entity on the tweet (ideal, save you work, saves us work, its one id)

b.) Up the retweets api limit to 180 at least, 15 is no where near enough.


Is something changed about this problem?Why the API cannot return back the retweeter id and name instead of mine with this call?15 calls are really really very few!


can any one send the full code to implement retweet API or program in php