Getting INVALID_TARGETING_TYPE when updating bidst



Hi, today between 2:30 and 3:30 am gmt some of our bid updates failed with the following:
“errors”: [
“attribute”: “targeting_type”,
“message”: “Line item cannot combine keyword, interest, user, or TV targeting types”
“request”: {
“params”: {
“account_id”: “xxxxxxxxx”,
“bid_amount_local_micro”: 1430000,
“line_item_id”: “xxxxx”

after 3:30 all bid updates succeeded including those that previously failed.
any idea what can cause this behavior? Thanks.


@tomComprendi we didn’t see any other reports of this, but that shouldn’t be happening. There were no known issues on Twitter’s side that would have contributed to this.

Are you still experiencing the issue?


Thanks @brandonmblack for replying.
We have not experienced this since.
Seems like a one time issue.


Thanks @tomComprendi. Please let us know if this resurfaces in any way.