Getting "Invalid or expired token" for a lot of our users




In the last 24 hours we’ve started getting a lot of “Invalid or expired token” error token for a lot of our users.

how can we check if its an issue with our Twitter app?


Given that I’ve seen a few related threads, there may be a bug here and we will see what we can discover. It could also just be a coincidence. As a workaround, you may be successful in asking the user to re-authorise your app.

However, we cannot assist with any questions related to individual app IDs on the forums for privacy reasons. If you have a specific concern related to your application’s access to the API, please raise a ticket with the platform support team. Note that the team works through tickets via a queueing system and we appreciate your patience. Thank you.


Thank you Andy! We went ahead and opened a ticket, id: 63675886

This is a severe issue as it affects thousands of business that use our service to communicate with their customers and audience on Twitter. This is literally a showstopper for their Twitter efforts. Is there some way we can convey that priority to someone, or talk to someone directly?

I hope you don’t me harping on this, it is really critical for us and our customers. I hope you understand.



PS: Just wanted to share that our affected product is . It serves thousands of businesses. Would appreciate any help or pointers. Thank you!


We understand that everyone building on Twitter’s free and open standard API may face issues, and we seek to treat everyone equally. Thank you for your patience. Posting here will not change the priority of an issue specific to one application

We remind everyone of our Developer Policy and Agreement and the automation rules.
Thank you.