Getting 'Interests' and 'Events' data seen on analytics platform from API



We are looking at connecting with the Twitter Ads API and I have a couple of questions about the metrics that we can get.

We have been pulling back some of the metric and I see that that API has now been updated to include Twitter Demographics which is great.

However, we haven’t been able to pull back anything from the analytics platform on the lifestyles and consumer buying styles e.g. ‘Interests’.

I can see that there isn’t a ‘tick’ against this in the developer metric documentation


but seeing as we are now able to get demographics when we weren’t before I was wondering if we now able to get these metrics too. And if not is this something that will be coming to the API at some point in the future (if so do we have a date of any kind?).


There are two types of analytics data that would include interest information, one is a breakdown of performance by interest targeting and this would map to segmentation_type=INTERESTS. The checkbox is only related to whether or not it needs an additional parameter.

Where do you see this data you want to pull in the dashboard? (especially for ‘Events’)

We also expose audience insight data but this is the data that powers a different part of the dashboard you can see in blog linked from that page.