Getting incomplete response from user_timeline



im using the tweepy lib for python to get the newest tweets of a user.

auth = OAuthHandler(<consumer_key>, <consumer_secret>)
auth.set_access_token(<access_token>, <access_secret>)
api = API(auth)
tweets = api.user_timeline(user_id=<user_id>, since_id=<tweet_id>, tweet_mode='extended', include_rts=False)

Most the time im getting the expected result, but sometimes im only getting the newest tweet.
Its pretty inconsistent and random.
I tested with different libraries and im always getting the same result: Its consistently inconsistent.

Do i seriously need to pull multiple responses, compare them and find a complete one?

Any ideas?



I’m not sure what your expected results are but you have include_rts=False. If the user has 19 retweets and one original tweet, you will only get one result back. Retweets are filtered out of the returned set but are included in the count.


Im literally running requests seconds apart and one second its working fine, next second i only get the newest tweet and next second its back to working fine again with the same since_id in all requests.
If retweets would be causing this then there would be no such inconsistency.
Then it would just return the newest tweet and not go back to the expected behavior in the next request no?