Getting incomplete information at the ad level


Hi, I’m trying to get information about spend at the ad level. However, when I’m pulling the stats for the day at the promoted tweets level, I was not getting spend returned for certain ads. When checking the list of promoted tweets returned from the API, some tweets just aren’t showing up that I’m seeing in the Ads UI. I’m wondering if this is because those are quick promoted tweets - originally organic but then promoted.

If it matters, I’m grabbing the list of promoted tweets using the following code. I’m using the Python Twitter Ads SDK.

    promoted_tweets = list(account._load_resource(PromotedTweet, None))

No scheduled promoted tweets are listed for this account as well as scheduled tweets, if that helps.

Also, this image says that Organic Tweets can pull billing information, but the API is returning a Bad Request and says only metric groups video and engagements can be used for that endpoint.

Thanks in advanced!


Figured out the main issue - I didn’t realize the items in question were being considered in the “with_deleted” section, even though the tweet in question still exists.


Thanks for the follow up @avborhanian!