Getting geo and coordinates = null



Hi, I’m having this issue and at the moment I didn’t find any solution for this.

I’m posting tweets with geo enabled and then getting them with the REST API (I’m searching them via get/search/#), and I’m getting all tweets with geo and coordinates null.
Otherwise, I also get the object ‘place’ but with this I can’t get the exactly coordinates of the tweet only the bounding box. Any ideas or solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!



Do you have an example tweet that is not containing the geo data you expect?


A few weeks I was testing with other tweets but now I’m testing with this: .
The result I expect it’s the exactly coordinates of the tweet (a one point contained in Palma, Spain) and not null or not the bounding box.

Thanks and sorry for the last reply.


Based on that tweet it looks like the location was picked as a place and not a set of coordinates. How are you attaching the location?


I’m attaching it with the location button at the post on Twitter Web. And for the previous tests, I was posting the tweets via Twitter Mobile on the mobile browser and on the mobile app, and I’m obtaining the same results.


Twitter web only supports adding places.

To populate geo/coordinates you need to post from a device that supports it. See the “precise location” toggle at the bottom.


Oh thanks abraham! Nice to know this!

As I see in the picture 2 (mobile capture) the precise location it’s always disabled as default?
And if this option is not enabled you only get the place information, is that correct?


I believe that is accurate, yep.


Okay, thanks!

Is any way to get exactly o near coordinates of the tweet if it’s only tagged by place? It’s the last question I promise haha




What’s in the status object is what you get. If the status is only tagged with a place then the coordinates of the place is what you have to work with.