Getting following list for a twitter user


is it possible to get the list of following user ids for a specific twitter user based on an access token via the rest api without the authorization header?


Here is the REST API endpoint you are looking for in order to retrieve user IDs that a user is following:

However, whether you have a user context or use application-only authentication, you will need the Authorization HTTP header to authenticate your requests.

More information here:


Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Nevertheless, while implementing the authorization header according to the specifications listed as Authorizing a request we’ve come across the issue of where to get the “OAuth token secret” from, in order to have a signing key for the signature calculation.

Our client is a mobile app signing in to twitter once and passing the server its access token. On the server side - the twitter REST API is supposed to be called to retrieve a list of followings on behalf of the end user.

Can you please help us with getting this “OAuth token secret”?
Does that sounds like a proper flow ?

The integration level do seem to be pretty complex for such a simple API call.

Thanks in advance.