Getting error while TwitterSession session = Twitter.getSessionManager() .getActiveSession();

 I am trying to develop a new app (Android). I am getting this error : > Your app may be rate limited. Please talk to us regarding upgrading your consumer key. 403 Forbidden

when I included this code
TwitterSession session = Twitter.getSessionManager()


Hi AnupamBhaglania,

This error message is not related to the code

TwitterSession session = Twitter.getSessionManager().getActiveSession();

as that just looks up session from an internal map.

This error is logged whenever we’re attempting to get a guest session. If that fails, we fallback to using an application only session. This code is done automatically for you if you’re using any of the tweet views.

If you need higher rate limits, please email so we can get your account elevated, otherwise, you can safely ignore these warnings.


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