Getting error "Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account"


When trying to fetch impression data segmented by age, I get the following error: {“code”:“AGE_SEGMENTATION_NOT_ALLOWED”,“message”:“Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account”}. What’s required for API access to this data?

The same data is fully accessible in the Ads Manager UI:

Performing segmentation by gender, for example, in the API calls works fine.

Example URL:,2966c,2dnnx,2dnrg,35fs3,3d2r3,3nxwn,5298p,58li8,6qxln


@Supermetrics: Thanks for the question. In order to fetch data segmented by age via the API, you’ll need to have the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING account feature whitelisted. Your account or partner manager can assist you with that request.

Does analytics segmentation by AGE require AGE_TARGETING account feature?

Thanks, we got the feature whitelisted and it works as expected.


Hi @juanshishido! I also want to get analytics data segmented by AGE and I receive the same error, “Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account.”, even though I have the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING account feature.

I’m trying to get data for an old ad, and at the time of this ad’s creation I didn’t have this account feature whitelisted - is this why I can’t get data for it segmented by AGE?

Thank you!


@majoritasdev: What is the account ID?


@juanshishido: 18ce53z82f8

Thank you.


You should be all set, @majoritasdev. Thanks!


Indeed. Thank you, @juanshishido! :slight_smile:


We have exactly the same issue with "“Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account “”” for the account we are managing. I checked all over the console on how to get VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING whitelisted but found nothing.
I found no information on this in help and Ads API manual.
Could you please get VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING whitelisted for this account: 18ce54fgmkw
And could you please explain how to get a feature whitelisted (can it be done on the console or I should contact Twitter support staff for that)?


That’s correct. Please get in touch with your Twitter contact. Thanks.


Thank you for reply. But from your short reply we still absolutely can not figure out how it can be done.
Could you please provide us with more elaborate explanation on how to whitelist VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING feature?
Any link to a page from which we can ask support staff for help or email would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks in advance


If you do not have a Twitter contact—an account or partner manager—there isn’t a way to get whitelisted.


Actually, I have a Account Manager permission for this account.
And I just want to have VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING feature enabled for it. We need it to get analytics report segmented by AGE via API. In console page “Audience” we have “Age” option but whenever we try to get report via API segmented by AGE we have “Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account” error.
Analytics reports segmented by GENDER, CITIES, REGIONS, PLATFORMS can be obtained via API without any problems.
How it can be done?
(Advice like “Send application from page …” or “Contact support by the following email address…” will be really appreciated)
Thanks in advance


Thanks, @intelish_syn. Let me clarify. I wasn’t referring to the “Account Manager” permission. I was referring to a contact at Twitter who can help you with this. Who set you up with AGE_TARGETING? This person will be the one who can help with this ask.


Hi @intelish_syn, the account have been whitelisted. Thanks!


@juanshishido @nissy_tw Great! It’s working now! Thank you for your support!



@juanshishido: This error popped up again for me for several accounts that do have VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING feature whitelisted, or so is the API telling me.

The accounts are: 18ce541rc3h, qfdmu1, 18ce546xgt9.

Could you please help me with this?

Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out, @majoritasdev. Could you please try again? What’s the actual error you are seeing?


@juanshishido: the error is

{"errors":[{"code":"AGE_SEGMENTATION_NOT_ALLOWED","message":"Segmentation by AGE is not allowed on this account"}],"response-headers":{"content_disposition":"attachment; filename=json.json","content_encoding":"gzip","content_length":"343","content_type":"application\/json;charset=utf-8","date":"Tue, 24 Oct 2017 21:50:55 GMT","server":"tsa_b","set_cookie":"guest_id=v1%3A150888185515258159; Expires=Thu, 24 Oct 2019 21:50:55 UTC; Path=\/;","strict_transport_security":"max-age=631138519","x_access_level":"read-write","x_api_version":"1.0","x_connection_hash":"59be379bd972a49addf351413d862890","x_content_type_options":"nosniff","x_current_api_version":"2.0","x_frame_options":"SAMEORIGIN","x_rate_limit_limit":"10000","x_rate_limit_remaining":"9994","x_rate_limit_reset":"1508881891","x_response_time":"44","x_runtime":"0.030404","x_transaction":"0050c8de00a2c4c1","x_tsa_request_body_time":"0","x_xss_protection":"1; mode=block"}}

This is the error for the request to on 2017-10-24 21:50:55 UTC, with the parameters


Thank you.


That request was made about 10 hours ago. Could you make a request right now? I suspect it’s a transient issue, but want to be sure.