Getting error message Image dimensions must be >= 4x4 and <= 8192x8192



Hi When we try to publish one image through API, we are getting “Image dimensions must be >= 4x4 and <= 8192x8192” error message. But nothing mentioned in documentation.
Is there any specific documentation for these type of limitations.

This is the image which we tried



I couldn’t find the document which describes about it, but I had a test of image dimensions.

  • The long side length must be less than or equal to 8192px
  • The short side length must be more than or equal to 4px
  • The file size must be less than or equal to 3MB
  • The maximum of long side length of PNG image is 4096px (if it is more than 4096px, it’s converted to JPEG forcibly)

I’m sorry for this unofficial information.


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