Getting error code 37 on Retweet


Hi team,

Recently, we faced an issue with one of the Twitter API

Endpoint :{status-id}.json

when 25 calls to this endpoint failed and we got following error response:

The request is understood, but it has been refused. An accompanying error message will explain why. This code is used when requests are being denied due to update limits (
message - Not authorized to use this endpoint.
code - 37

Here are few msg ids for which retweets failed:

msg id, account id for which call failed 

1. 821497196906311680, 2919039374
2. 821490295627911169, 21470979
3. 821493164796035072, 891572084
4. 821041085866708994, 24741685
5. 821398869313548289, 472202585

All the failures occurred between 4:00am-5:30am 18th Jan, 2017 (IST).
However, this api is working fine now.
We could not find any relevant reason for this failure in twitter api error codes documentation

Can you please provide us the reason for this failure so that we can handle this error in future?

Thank you.


Based on the error message it looks like the account was being limited for posting too frequently (“denied due to update limits”).


why does the error message says : Not authorized to use this endpoint.