Getting error: can Not open the page in twitter login in ios,


i am using STTwitter example in my apps,not able to login ,

this is my apps details, here i think is a issue adding the callback url in apps details. i dont know what is the format of callback url . can someone help me why i am getting this error. if i am using STTwitter demo its working fine . in my project this is error.

this is my plist info, i have added here my url identifier , same as in call back url but still am not able to solve it


On Twitter’s page for your app, add any random URL, such as, just to allow the usage of callbacks.

This value will be overridden when you call the -[STTwitterAPI postTokenRequest:...] method.

If your app uses the URL Scheme myapps, such as visible in your screenshot, then the value of the callback parameter will be something like @"myapp://twitter_access_tokens/".