Getting "Error 500 - Internal Server Error" on my website


Hi everyone!

I’m using the php example found on this blog post:

to get a custom twitter feed onto my website. It uses OAuth v. 1.1
It had been working in August (2014) when I first got it started and then sometime in late august/early september it stopped working and now I only get an Internal Server Error.

I double checked the location of the path to the twitter oauth library. I double checked all my authentication codes. I even regenerated my codes and entered the new ones.

I’m wondering if there was a minor change to the api that I missed, or some sort of reset I may need to do with this application on my dev. account. Or anything else that may have stopped this from working. I’ve been googling all day and haven’t found anything that’s helped.

Mike Sperone


Just to make sure I’m doing this correctly/I’m not crazy… The get request for a user’s status update is:

Is this still the correct url for the get command?


:confused: I needed to update my php version on my server … I had 5.2, I updated to 5.4 and now it works


Great to hear you got things working!