Getting error 324 : bad image since few days



I use a wordpress plugin to share articles automatically on twitter. The image is automatically uploaded with the tweet.

Everything was going well, but since the beginning of the month I have a mistake when the tweet is sent (error 324).

At first I had the error but the image was uploaded on Twiter. An image that only half appeared.


Now the tweet is no longer sent at all.

The plugin did not update or wordpress. I tried with another wordpress plugin, same error:

{“errors”: [{“code”: 324, “message”: “Bad image”}]}

If I disable the upload of the image, the tweet is sent

thank You


Sounds odd. If you’re using a third-party plugin you may have to contact the author(s) to find out what is happening under the covers. If we were going to help you to debug this here we’d need to understand what the plugin is doing technically, and why the media upload piece is not working. Does it have any kind of admin panel in your Wordpress settings where you can see a log of what is happening with the Twitter API?



Having the same issue here - assuming you’re using NextScripts’ SNAP plugin for this?

They’ve essentially told us “it’s your server” - but we hadn’t made any server changes when this issue started occurring (13th or 14th based on when tweets started failing).

Was there a change in the API that could cause issues with certain types of images?


There have been no recent changes to the Media API.